Thursday, 28 February 2013

What goes around comes around.

Wifey spotted a nice country style dining table and chairs in the local DIY store. I don't wish to say which for fear of dropping the shop assistant I am about to mention in it.

The items had been reduced from £650 to £300.

When I arrived to order them I found that the very same items were discounted to £200 because they were ex display. The stipulation was that the buyer collect or else pay £30 delivery charge - the bonus was that the chairs and table had already been constructed from their flat-pack format. A few hours worth of work in that alone.

I asked the assistant if I could borrow a spanner to take the legs off the table. He told me he could do better than that and would fetch two spanners and help me as well.

So with the two spanners we then set about taking the legs off so that the whole lot would fit in the back of my Mondeo (fantastic cars btw - I don't let anyone knock them.) He helped me carry it all to the car where I slipped him a fiver for his trouble, "I'm not supposed to take that, Sir."

"That's why I waited until we were in the car park." he accepted it gratefully.

When we got back to the till to settle up he typed in a special code and gave me mate's rates. I got a large tin of emulsion AND the table and chairs all for £190 !

Less of a deal was the double divan bed I picked up using my roof rack. It was spotted on Ebay and cost £90. It's a bit krap to be honest but didn't realise that until I got it home. I used the kayak straps to fix the base to the top of the car. It was as solid as a rock and I drove it down the motorway at 60 mph.. It doubled the height of my car and people gave me a wide berth. I also saw the needle on the petrol gauge move leftwards quite visibly.


Bill Quango MP said...

I bought a bed off Ebay and have been stuck with the bloody thing ever since. Not a good bed. Creaks and squeaks.

Furniture was a bit hit and miss I found. Unless its some designer or authentic piece I no longer bother hunting.

And in the country, the furniture shops are half the price of the home counties for the exact same stuff.

Electro-Kevin said...

Good tips BQ.

We bought a bed from Trago for one of the boys. £70.

I warned Mrs E-K not to do it. I've never known anything good come out of Trago yet everyone raves about it.

Said bed split in two the other night. He's now sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Bill Quango MP said...

The junior girl's bed bought off ebat was some special make. About £300 - got it for £100.

But its had to have so many bits of extra supports and fasteners and slats added to it it now looks like something the engineers in Helmand might have made for themselves out of war rubble.

Having said that I've got a playhouse that cost me £500 that I want to stick on ebay. So should really talk the place up..marvelous bargains, excellent products, easy transactions etc etc.

And to be fair, about 50% of my online shopping does come from ebay..just not furniture or shoes.

IB said...

But did the bassist from Muse have anything to do with bed?

apricotfox said...

Good stuff, E-K!
Still plan to visit but have been totalled by REAL flu!

Electro-Kevin said...

If it's serious then you must have man flu, Apricot. Get well soon !

BQ - Underpants ???

IB - The Muse connection with the bed is that we will sell it on as having been a bed that was in a room that Muse once rehearsed in.

Blue Eyes said...

I've just bought a Blu-ray / catch-up TV box from a pawnbroker in Lancashire. Winning deal! Thank you welfare state!

Scrobs... said...

Great result there, Elecs!

I trust you've already dug the garden, and have ordered your seed potatoes?

I made a raised bed in the greenhouse from elder daught's old bed, it lasted for years...

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue - It's well known to buy things off a catalogue on credit and flog it for cash without ever opening the box.

What a horrid way to live.

Scrobs - It's beyond even that use. Could I make use of some turned bedsteads in the garden ?

Blue Eyes said...

"It's well known to buy things off a catalogue on credit and flog it for cash without ever opening the box. "

I hadn't heard of that but I suppose it makes sense - how sad. A very expensive way of borrowing money though, except there is no intention of paying the money back!

Not a grockle said...

Back in 1975 a relative who lived that way took me to Trago where (to show willing on my one and only ever visit) I bought a pair of secateurs.... which lasted about a fortnight before the spring sprung.

Plus ca change by the sound of it.

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue and Not - An even less efficient way of making money if it's bought on tick from Tragos.