Thursday, 14 February 2013

Moving House

We're up to our necks in boxes. We've hired a removals firm for tomorrow as the difference between hiring two 3.5 tonne vans and a mate for a day (7.5 tonne vans are unavailable) and doing it ourselves was only £150.

For the extra we get:

- three removals men instead of just one
- an HGV lorry (meaning only one trip)
- no need to pay petrol
- no need to worry about crashing the vans
- no worry about picking the vans up or dropping them off

So the real difference is probably only £100 and for that all of our possessions are insured and will be handled by people who know how best to move things.

It's often the case that attempting DIY is a mistake. I remember hiring a carpenter on a day rate to fit the doors throughout my old house. I worked two rest days to pay him (it would have taken me three days to fit the doors myself and I would have needed to buy tools) and he did a much better job than I ever would have done. (He used 4" butts rather than using Polyfilla around smaller hinges - much neater.)

Obviously I'll be away for a while so you all take care now.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. Hope it all goes smoothly.

DtP said...

I've moved loads of people and, frankly, it's shit. Just because they're your mates or something they expect you to lug valuable, heavy crap all day for the scant reward of a few beers and some crappy take away fodder. Nuts to that!

All the best EK - I hope you & the elctros have many happy years in your new gaff.

lilith said...

Synchronised Kev! We are moving Saturday :-) We have a couple of mates and a self hire 7.5 but one of the mates is a pro.

This is for Dick.

Electro-Kevin said...

We were going to pay Will next door a one-er. Six hours of his time. Any over that paid at £15 per hour.

I don't like to owe people favours and I don't have any that are close friends in this area.

It was when I was hearing how frequent delayed completions are that I thought the likelihood of me paying Will nearer £150 for his day's work was increasing.

But if all goes well we have to be out of this house by 2pm, otherwise costs are awarded to the people moving in - hence the need to hire two vans.

When you have a chain it's really bloody tricky.

Trubes said...

Good luck with the move Kevin, where are you moving to ?
I wish you and family lots of love and peace in your new abode,
Lots of love,

Electro-Kevin said...

Just the other side of town, Trubes. Not the best part but decent enough and a lot of house for the money.

The houses fore, aft and either side are really well kept and we shall have to do some work to keep up.



the beast of pickfords said...

Look forward to sleeping in your garden
Good luck to you all, your Paula does a good job of making a home
I think that I need a wife, sat here surrounded by knives,guns (and knuckledusters) sauce on my desk and a gun magazine, camping eqpt , a hip flask, a broken watch from the worlds best maker,corks
Time for a clean up
Dont forget to piss in next doors water feature as a goodbye present
They wont hear you doing it ! (+;

Electro-Kevin said...

Ha ha !

Done that already.

lilith said...

Wow what rates you pay! Mate from Oxford, who moves people for a living pays £8.00 per hour to his capable assistants and he says that is well over the going rate for the business. Notoriously low paid work apparently.

lilith said...

Having said that I am sure to be paying more to move than you are :-)

Have a fine move Kev. Half term, isn't it?

Scrobs... said...

Best wishes for your moove, Elecs, and a wise decision regarding removals, because the old back hurts after a few chairs and a bed frame...

(Lils, make sure your chum does all the heavy stuff, you do the light stuff - promise?)

And don't let Elbey anywhere near anything heavier than a small stack of Grateful Dead CDs!

Nick Drew said...

yes, good luck & hope all goes well, Kev

The Lakelander said...

We wish you every happiness in the new home, E-K!

Electro-Kevin said...

Thanks everyone. The move is done and I've just been reconnected.

Lilith - Will was the only chap available on Friday. His normal hourly rate is £10 ph. (Tarmacker)

I could not afford to have him take another job (a very short time-window and hefty penalties if not adhered to) so had to incentivise him to be available.

Stasia Delatorre said...

Good decision in hiring people who are the best for the job. We may think that we know things about moving since it’s fairly simple if you think about it. But there are things that we might overlook, which can deem the whole process disastrous, so it’s best to rely on the pros to get the work done.

Stasia Delatorre

Velda said...

This is cool!