Saturday, 9 February 2013

Horse Trading.

"It isn't about food safety - it's about labelling."

David Cameron on Findus lasagne turning out to be 100% horse meat labelled as beef.

Wrong. If they can be so dishonest as to put horse meat in our food then what else can they get in it ? Of course it's about safety.

Anyway. This situation has gone beyond a joke:

Tesco Online has next to the Findus meat products a button marked "Add to cart."

Iceland are discounting their Quarter Pandas and Sainsbury's have found uniQuorn in their veggie burgers.


Anonymous said...

Lying about the mane ingredients is one thing but no cannery should be allowed to brush aside grooming offences.

beast said...

Exuse me if I sound a little horse but all this is pony and trap!
Just what is wrong with eating Horse meat?

Steak and kidney Piebald is a favourite dish of mine
Must be because Im originaly from a shire rather than London
Sorry if that was a rubbish post but it was off the hoof

Michael said...

Why can't they just knock it out to starving countries, and let them decide whether to live or die...

Pathetic response from labour as usual, as if they weren't aware hat this was going on.

Scrobs... said...

Absolutely right Michael!

All this food going to waste, and the fisheries quotas in tatters, means that people who agree with Cherie Blair and L Toynbee just do not ever understand, do they!

The Filthy Engineer said...

Checked my Tesco burgers in the fridge ... and they're off!

Sat here reading the label on these Tesco burgers and it turns out they are fairly low in fat but surprisingly high in Shergar.

Traces of zebras found in Tesco bar codes.

Is it a coincidence that HAMBURGERS is an anagram of SHERGAR BUM?

Just been to Tesco and bought a bottle of Bacardi, a bottle of Lambs and some burgers. So that's white rum, Navy rum and Red Rum.

Had a Tesco beef burger for lunch today. After I'd finished it, I found I had a bit between my teeth.

HMV vouchers are now being accepted at Tesco. Just tell them HMV means horse meat voucher.

A Tesco burger walks into a bar "Pint please". "I can't hear you" says the barman. "Sorry" replies the burger "I'm a little horse".

Tesco have just sacked their meat buyer. They are looking for someone to take over the reins. But nobody wants to be saddled with the responsibility.

Went to a Tesco cafe for my dinner, the waitress said "Do you want anything on your burger?" So I had a Fiver each way.

lilith said...

The Filthy Engineer has trotted out some lame ones ;-)

Scrobs... said...

Knee jerk reaction Lils...;0)

lilith said...

The brass neck! Maybe rein it in?

The stable boy's jockey pants said...

I tug my (fet)lock to you all.

Anonymous said...

Stop... sides hurt . Seriously though as a society we have willingly submitted to the industrialisation of farming and food production. Meat from butchers, veggies/fruit from green grocer and bread from a baker or baked at home, fuck em! Fuck Sainsburys , tesco and the rest!

Electro-Kevin said...

Enough ! Or else you will all get this blog barred !

Welcome to Michael - a newby I believe.

Kynon said...

I can't-er believe some of these puns. Still, horses for (main) courses.