Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Evil personified


     Hanging would be too merciful. What if there is no God and no final judgment ?
Would, say, 30 years in a cushty British gaol watching Sky, working out, eating chips and Sunday roasts be suitable punishment ?
I think some of us could be rather more inventive about the type of punishment we'd mete out - it would be very cheap and only take a couple of weeks in a disused farm house.
And the same for the bastards who stabbed an innocent 17 year-old lad to death on his doorstep (and set about his parents with knives while they tried to administer first aid to their poor son.)

Evil personified.

Mois ?


beast said...

Ian Brady makes the best case againt capital punishment
He hates his life
keep him alive
The cost?
sell tickets to see him in a cell and extra to throw shit at his egocentric superman self
and also make him listen to Little drummer boy 24/7 and cut off a digit from him once a year
Then when he is at deaths door cremate him alive
Odd that this piece of filth came from the same housing estate

Scrobs... said...

'Odd that this piece of filth came from the same housing estate'

Didn't know that Mr Beast!

What on earth makes men behave like this, what an utter disgrace to a people.

Electro-Kevin said...

Tarantino/Ritchie/Grand Theft Auto...

All of these things have normalised ultra-violence.

DtP said...

OT - were you filmed strumming away by the BBC for the Railway prog last night were you?

idle said...

Death penalty remains the best way to deal with these people. It's all over quickly, the ongoing cost is zero, the relatives and friends of the victims have closure of some sort.

There is no justification for anything except spartan conditions in prison. Let's teach them some skills and give them a second chance once their sentence is up, by all means. But no telly, conjugal visits or expensive gymnasia.

A civilised country is one with fewer criminals doing spartan time, not an increasing number being treated as though they were at a modern boarding school.

Electro-Kevin said...

DtP - Not me.

Idle - Add to that a lot of rock breaking.

beast said...

Prison isnt as bad as "independent" schools used to be
No enforced country runs
Good food
Not much sodomy
No whipping
Bring back the old values I say

I was never buggered(we had girls in this liberal establishment) however was thrashed or "tweeked" at least once a day

beast said...

Scrobs do not bother yourself trying to understan them

Many years ago whilst enjoying a stay in Strangeways my "padmate" took me to the eyehole to watch the "beasts" being fed (Im not one its a joke)
They are kept apart
One of them had murdered his gay lover and kept him in the wardrobe and kept shagging him whilst dead, then turned himself in as the flat had started to stink
So never try and understand or forgive them
Cases like that euthanasia is best
OH and so did an ex of mine
Her uncle got 13 years for attempted murder
His Daughter married Micheal Bevan the Aussie cricketer
Interesting life so far

A K Haart said...

In his case, an eye for an eye would be a good start.

Thud said...

In my past working in Liverpool and Manchester I came across several people like this shit which means across the nation we have hundreds if not thousands like him...what to do?

Electro-Kevin said...

We would know what to do.

AK's an 'eye for an eye' but saved for later.

Beast - Interesting.

beast said...

Mr Thud
I think that the problem rests in not having a "working class"

You have stupid people with nothing to do and no incentive to find a way to feed themselves
Remind me of this post tomorrow about 11 AM when I am still in my wanking chariot and googling waitrose

Anonymous said...

I am not pro cruel and unusual punishments but some crimes deserve Ranter's feet ulcers.

The Lakelander said...

Beast: I was photographing a shoot in January which meets on land across the road from the secure hospital which houses Ian Brady and the Yorkshire Ripper.

While watching the guns line up for birds to be driven over them, I had a great idea....