Sunday, 10 February 2013

Blow me down (Sea Shanties)

I was invited to a beer festival a couple of weeks back and there - whilst hammered - one of the chaps suggested we all start a Sea Shanty choir. It sounded a great idea.

Unlike most beer-inspired endeavours it turns out that it was a great idea.

We had our first outing last night - a big audience. Nine of us just got up and did it without having practiced at all. It was brilliant !  I've never known something come together so easily and naturally. No egos - no organiser... it just happened. The harmonies were excellent and the range of voices complete - I couldn't hear one duffer among us... which probably means that if there was one it was me !!!

This will definitely become a regular thing and - living by the sea - is exactly what life should be about.


I've just been edited on John Redwood's site after I'd responded to a comment which had appeared thusly:

"All this NHS waste [strong comment about a male-to-female sex operation - deleted by moderator] The only issues the NHS should deal with are those directly related to health."

I replied,

"Oh I don't think you could class that as waste. It probably got used to make a new nose for a patient in the burns unit."

Obviously too lewd.


beast said...

I had "What do you with a drunken sailor" played at my fathers funeral
It was an insult as he was both

Seems to run in the family, his brother owns a yacht (big fuck off sail driven thing) and we also all share a love of special brew
Really odd that
I was clearing out mt Pas flat with sailing uncle and we both spotted a can of SB and it was a dash for the ration
Cunt had drunk it and put the can back in the fridge
Thats the kind of person that he was
One last vees up

Electro-Kevin said...

Ha ha !

"Sail driven thing"

Well. That must make it a luxury yacht.

lilith said...

Fantastic Kev. You will have so much fun.

Blue Eyes said...

Dangerous sport EK, be careful!

beast said...

Its 40 feet
He loves doing stuff like sailing around europe
One of his sons shares my name *bizzare*
My fathers other brother is the largest supplier of Industrial clothing in the UK
I got the wrong brother as a father

landlubbingbeast said...

Why sea shanties are a nad idea !

Never trust a sailor !

Bonjour matelots said...

I bet you didn't sing "Frigging in the rigging like his father used to do". Got that on a tape of naughty "folk" songs from a rugby playing mate which somehow disappeared over the years.

Kynon said...

Parson's Nose?