Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Impossible

A family's fight for survival after the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. This one was really difficult to watch. I'd managed not to dwell on the details of what might happen during the tsunami at the time of this incident but the film (based on a true story) confirms the worst. The randomness of the injuries being the main.

This isn't a film to see if you want to feel good for the rest of the day. I suppose the only flaw that I could find in it was that they cast Ewan McGregor in a lead role. I'd prefer to see unknowns rather than the usuals from the film star roster that seems to operate nowadays. Having said that the bus station (telephone call) scene is one of the most moving I've seen in years and has McGregor performing at his very best.

The CGI effects are undetectable but for the fact that such large scenes of devastation and chaos could not have been filmed otherwise.


tide and emotional Beast said...

Seen it
Floods of tears but ultimately a washout
The sound track was drowned out by oafs on their phones
Titanic without the boat or the shagging in a vintage car
Nul point!

Electro-Kevin said...

That's London for you, Beast.

apricotfox said...

Quite want to see it but maybe wait for DVD and epic supply of hankies...

Electro-Kevin said...

You'll need the hankies, Apricot. It's a real tear jerker.

ranter said...

Not London E-K, but multi-plex and other local cinemas - morons munching, texting and even speaking on their phones during films. You have to go to small membership cinemas like The Roxy in Brixton or soecial screening in theatres like a couple of places in T-Wells - where people go to WATCH a movie. Why are people such cnuts these days?

Calfy said...

Best that any of my friends had to say of it was, "well, the gore was quite good". We all soundly rounded on the directing.

Electro-Kevin said...

I imagine some artistic licence was used Calfy. The scenes were realistic though.

Ranter - True. The biggest problem I experienced was in a multiplex in Weston Super Mare - Lord of the Rings.

The lads behind us found it all a bit boring (it's a long and involved film) They started yacking loudly and the lady next to me (presumably with young grand daughter) turned around and complained. Loads of invective was directed at her and they tipped popcorn on her head.

I went around the back of the lad's seat and clipped his ear and made them all apologise to her.

I wouldn't do it again but I was furious at the time and lost my temper. It did work but I was edgy for the rest of the film.

The Lakelander said...

I'm tempted to go and see this film.

An old schoolfriend of mine was on a beach in Thailand with his wife when the tsunami hit.

Both were lucky to be alive afterwards and have since raised a lot of money to help re-build a nearby school that was flattened.

Electro-Kevin said...

That's a fantastic story Lakelander.

A friend of the family was not so lucky. Has not been seen since. (I didn't know him at all)

Electro-Kevin said...

PS to Calfy.

I heard of your rather unorthodox restraining technique for detaining a mugger.

Are you trying to turn him into a recidivist or something ???

Travelling Man said...

I have a guardian angel as I was meant to be there for that week, but had to change my booking to a week later, so missed it.

Similarly, I was due to be staying in New York on 9/11 (as the Yanks put it) but because of illness in the office I had again to defer my booking for a week.

Finally, the earthquake that did such damage to NZ occurred 2 days after I flew out Christchurch.

I think I had better stay at home with a good book!! I don't think I want to see that film either.

Electro-Kevin said...


I have a similar track record with railway companies.

Whenever I leave one ...

Bill Quango MP said...

I thought that the helicopter crash story was the best for guardian angels. The news went on and on about the lucky crane operator. yep..he should have been up there, so he was lucky.

But, by the same token the poor man who was casually walking to work, had a burning helicopter land on him and kill him.He might have set off two minutes earlier. or stopped to buy a twix , and he would have lived.

For every 'fortunate' story that is told about the tsunami, or earthquake, there are a 100,000 unfortunate ones.

If there are Guardian Angels they are severely understaffed.

Electro-Kevin said...

BQ - Also the people who spend a lifetime of regret because their numbers came up the week they didn't buy a ticket.

You see my point ?

Calfy said...

EK I don't know what you are talking about!
I did a quick search for "orthodox restraining technique" and the top result is circumcision.