Thursday, 17 January 2013

Night Duty

One has this sense of having been battered repeatedly about the head with a sandbag, pumped full of glycerol and hung upside down from a butcher's hook for a long period time. My eyes look as though they have been bathed in purest lemon juice.

Night work simply has to be a killer.

Two days off at last and I don't have to leave a cosy house - when everyone is snuggling under warm duvets - nor spend another night clambering up and down train ladders in the freezing drizzle, trudging through diesel sludge and inhaling sooty fumes.

The weather is forecast to be atrocious tonight

(Heaven - Definition: A nice warm bed or...  Not hurting.)


Anonymous said...

With the water temperature set just below 'skin-blisters' I will drag my body into the shower at 06:30 and curse, E-K.

Thud said...


Scrobs... said...

Sooty fumes?

I thought they'd discovered electricity down West...

Lloydy said...

Friday morning down the Smithfield Tavern after night work

Electro-Kevin said...

The group playing Pass the Pigs in Bart's refectory at 3am.

Oh to be young again, Lloydy.

There is a big difference between being on nights and actually WORKING nights.

Electro-Kevin said...

Anon - The one benefit. Going to bed when everyone is setting off for work.

Thud - Will do. It makes me glad of all the mercies in my life.

Scrobs - We've only just started using electricity in the semaphore signals. This is NOT a joke.

Trubes said...

Ahhhr poor Kevin... I used to work very unsociable hours many years ago, the pull of a comfy home and a warm bed is something that can't be dismissed...
We've had a smattering of snow and it's very cold, more to follow all over the UK so take care dear EK, and enjoy your home comforts when you're there....

Electro-Kevin said...

Thanks Trubes.

I have convalesced over the past two days !

I hope you are well.