Wednesday, 30 January 2013

MPs take the rise

Speaker John Bercow has described the £65k salaries of MPs as 'ordinary'.  He is right. Such have been the effects of inflation that this sort of income doesn't guarantee anything other than a middling lifestyle, and nor is it commensurate with the hours that a dutiful MP would need to commit in order to do their job effectively.

I do have some sympathy with the case put for a pay rise.

However, the proposed rise in salary by 30% would be completely unacceptable because of the 1% cap imposed upon public sector workers. The Lib Dems, and the opposition, blocked boundary changes which would have offered the British public fairer representation and an opportunity to save money by cutting the number of MPs by 50 - this at a time that the British public (some of them soldiers) are being told that they must sacrifice their jobs for the sake of the economy.

One thing...

If the majority of MPs are so keen on being ruled by the EU then how long will the heavily indebted British public have to bear the added expense of financing two governments ?

When work is outsourced (as is being done with Parliamentary matters) doesn't it usually follow that jobs are cut ? After all, that is what happened with call center workers, miners, steel workers, factory workers... they were all told by the political class to lump it.

Not being satisfied with this a majority of EU loving MPs go on to tell us that we have no choice but to compete with the rest of the world for our jobs, welfare and NHS provision at home too !

Wouldn't our MPs' attitudes towards the EU harden if they had some skin in the game as do the rest of us ? For each department opened in the EU one is closed in the UK.  I know some favoured politicians will go on to sinecures within the EU itself and their views can be influenced but that can only apply to a few of them surely ?

That 65 grand ain't wot it used to be is an indication of the utterly awful job our MPs have done - most notably the need for QE and the  effects that their policies have had on overcrowding and the cost of housing and transport to work.

Had it not been for their decisions, which turned the North into an industrial wasteland and London into the Nation's bread basket, they wouldn't have an excuse for their hideously expensive and pointless HS2 to 'regenerate' the Midlands either.

Viewed from space HS2 would doubtless look like the latest extension of the Brussels hub. That's what it's really about.

(IB has not been replying to emails - Bro' E-K has been disconnected whilst moving house... I've been given compulsory A/L, it's raining and I am as bored as buggery.  I have a car to fix but am procrastinating because I really don't have a clue what to do with this fault.)


Blue Eyes said...

Look, we're fucked.

If our political system manages to avoid riot and starvation they're worth every printed penny.

Electro-Kevin said...

That is a very valid point, Blue.

Mine is an argument against EU integration. Not against MPs. I want them to continue to exist.

I was reading one contributor on John Redwood today. He comes up with the same point rather frequently and never gets answered. It is about the off-the-books debt - state pensions which cannot be honoured the funds for which are, in fact, being directed into state spending instead.

JR "We, and our children, will have to pay these debts at some point."

Anon "The fact is that we CAN'T pay these debts. They are just too huge."

I have a migrain coming on. No. Not joking. It think it was working under a car and coming out into daylight that caused it... or perhaps it was just doing REAL work for once that did it !

Blue Eyes said...

I agree on all points :-D

As for our children repaying the debt, yes, but. The country has plenty of assets too. This is rarely mentioned. The government could sell off the motorway network or convert the NHS to a commercial system.

The long-term liabilities in the pension system are actually being looked at. One thing the coalition is carefully fiddling about with without tooooo much media coverage (because it's too complicated to explain). PFI has basically been scrapped and the government is nationalising some of the contracts.

It's awful. But it's not totally utterly awful.

We're still fucked though.

Electro-Kevin said...

Ha ha ha !

Thud said...

It seems like everywhere is fucked but I'm thinking its easier to be in a country that may be in debt but is at least sunny, plus my increasingly achy joints will get some relief.

Beast said...

I would do the job for nothing, not even expenses and Im far better qualified than this bunch of self serving cretins

What kind of "man" not only marries a slapper but also allows her to tweet about being a slag???

Beast policies

No wars unless attacked

No tax (have said that already)
Any Muzzie that wants to stay here has to do so in a steel container at the bottom of the North Sea

Public beheadings

Kick out every Jew or put them in the container with the Muzzies and a knife each
Ban Queers from getting "married"
Execute any banker who isnt like Mr Mainwaring
Nuke France forbid the charging of interest on loans
Church to be made compulsory
Burn lesbians and male queers at the stake
Flog burglars to death
A free fully automatic rifle to any 14 year old who isnt a nut job

Vote Beast !!
And as Mr Ranter would say...

Electro-Kevin said...

Thud - You'd miss an open fire and an English pub. Having said that both are becoming extinct.

Beast - At last. A party to the right of the BNP lefties. That should get the voters out. It's what politics has been missing.