Friday, 18 January 2013

Meat. The Feckers ! (The circle of distrust.)

The recent outrage about Irish horse meat in Tesco burgers has raised the issue of what goes into our food and its security.

The debate goes on about whether horse meat is harmful or tasty enough but to argue this misses the point entirely.

If horse meat can find its way into the system illegally what other meat can get there ?

Britain is awash with cheap meat in fact - much of it on display at weekends in the form of naturally enhanced J Lo's and bingo wings. In the more ravaged parts of war time Europe doubtless there were spivs able to trade meat no matter how desperate the situation "Psssst - got a luvly bit of pork on offer."

An account of war time Kiev (Babi Yar) explains drearily how "The cats and dogs disappeared pretty quickly." Under conditions where hunger occupies every thought never underestimate the power of denial and the refusal to question a 'good thing.' It is no miracle that so many survived where the lands were scorched, besieged and 'foodless'. In fact Darwin's Natural Selection should be renamed Survival of the Nastiest rather than Survival of the Fittest - that would better reflect the explosion in obesity in the west.

"Eight Burgers £1 !" Screams the sale signs in our supermarkets.

I'd rather not think about what might have gone into our food. At that price I think it would be a bit of a cheek to ask. In fact a bit of cheek is probably the best that you're going to get out of a deal like that.


DtP said...

I think all my innocence was eradicated when I bought a pork pie on the way home from school - I dunno - 12 or 13 years old and chewed on a complete eye lid with lovely long lashes.

There's a reason we should never ask. Eughhhh. Anna's calling them Shergar Burgers which is cute. off to Burger King for lunch.....gulp!

Blue Eyes said...

I think this "story" is brilliant, for exactly the reason you say. The fat of the land really need to think a bit more about what they put in their mouths.

Innocent smoothies, for example, are 16% refined sugar. If people thought about preparing their own food a bit more instead of relying on whatever tasty sugar/fat/depressant-filled grub they could buy for a pound and heat in the microwave I think we'd all be a lot healthier.

ranter said...

Don't worry about Tesco's horsemeat burgers, you try their meatballs.....they're the dogs bollocks! (Probably) UGH!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's in the burgers I just ate but I just jumped my six foot garden fence in one go!

Thud said...

Even in past lean times I always settled for quality over quantity and as I result I'm reasonably confidant as to the health of the meat I;ve bought and cooked. on the Chinese side of the family we keep the exotic meat for paying customers only!

Scrobs... said...

Did you ever read 'King Rat', Elecs?


Anonymous said...

Burke and Hare microwave-ready spare ribs are cheap and delicious. A delightful main courpse for cash strapped carnivores, E-K.