Monday, 14 January 2013

Daleks perv over Steven Hawking



The Beast of Alpha Centuri said...

I have no real comments other than to state that you are obviously a very disturbed person to have cum across that clip
You probably have cyberman sex with complete strangers online
As an ex Copper you are probably used to finding your way into police boxes that are surprisingly big inside
I'm ashamed to consider you to be a freind

Electro-Kevin said...

Victor Lewis-Smith wrote the script.

One of my favourite columnists when I lived in London. (Evening Standard)

Beast of the old Bailey said...

I liked his spoof calls,however he has dreads and isnt a high court judge so isn't a suitable potential stepfather
He could save oney on wigs by using his natural hair

Anonymous said...

Good grief. What is that all about?