Friday, 18 April 2014

Katie Hopkins

Apprentice star Katie Hopkins has been criticised for not posting condolences on her Twitter site over the death of Peaches Geldoff. Lots of people are saying what a nasty bitch she is. Ms Hopkins explains that she only met Ms Geldoff once and that they didn't get on over a difference of opinion on parenting - she says that Ms Geldoff wouldn't have wanted her to say anything anyway. Good point.

I saw the Geldoff/Hopkins spat and can fully understand why Ms Geldoff might not have wanted to be friends.

I have met Katie Hopkins several times in the course of my work. She is often seen with her tribe of beautifully behaved children. It is clear that she loves them and that they love their mum. She always seems completely attentive towards them.

Katie is always extremely nice to our staff too. I'm not the only one to have noticed.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Clever Fella

On Sunday I had the latest Land Rover prototype on my drive. An unadorned, shiny black version being developed for the Chinese market. Wifey's cousin is a leading engineer for Jaguar Land Rover. He is in charge of a team of 100 engineers developing the fuel/electric hybrid engine.

He takes out the prototypes for family use and to see how they perform in real situations. (His own car is a top of the range Jag on company lease.) There is a 'record' button on the dash which captures any moment for analyses back at the laboratory. So when there is a blip he presses the button and reviews the data later.

The car has an extended wheelbase (the Chinese like leg room and being chauffeured) and fridges between the seats back and front. When the car is driven in electric mode there is no sound - not even a whirring noise; it is as though the car is coasting with the engine off.

I'm chuffed to have had him visit with his project. Such a clever, accomplished, quiet and modest man.  His sister is equally as understated - she a consultant pediatrician. Wifey's little brother is the chief production engineer for Gillette - setting up production lines and factories all over the world and keeping check on them. He's also a second dan in Ju Jitsu and just as understated as his cousins.

It just goes to show.

'Big men' (and women) don't need to make a big noise about things.

In fact those who make a lot of noise so often have little to be noisy about.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Cure for cancer in the run up to World War 3

Doctors have found a cure for all types of cancer.

All you have to do is wear a condom during sex and not inject with dirty needles.

Well not really. But would billions be diverted in research, propaganda and health services if these simple preventions were found to be effective ? Would other treatments be put on the back burner and starved of funding as they are now if cancer were avoided so easily ?

Vladimir Putin, it seems, has attracted much ire from the West over his attitude to certain types of sex as much as his political or strategic thinking. This is probably a strong motivating force behind the liberal EU's interventions in Ukraine.

Had UKIP taken over Trafalgar Square and made it look like a scene from Les Miserables would EU representatives have turned up, encouraged the overthrow of David Cameron and the installation of Nigel Farage as an interim leader ?

Of course not. It's not about the will of the people of Ukraine but EU expansionism. But why isn't the EU satisfied with buffer zone existing between it and Russia ? What's really got their goat ?

Could WW3 really start over ideological differences with Putin on bum sex, as highlighted by the BBC at the winter Olympics ?

I say each to their own as far as sexuality is concerned and I'm an atheist with no brief for the CofE but the parking of Political Correct tanks on the CofE's lawn over gay marriage shows how determined these people are - to the point of destroying those who disagree with them and bystanding innocents too if diverted funding for Aids research causes death and suffering for unavoidable and incurable terminal illnesses.

The Left are against heterosexual (paternalistic) marriage and celebrate its decline - why are they so excited about homosexuals wanting to lock themselves into this otherwise despised institution ?  They smell the death of the CofE perhaps ?

Where there are such insane contradictions one can guarantee the Left are gunning for something else entirely. They want to rule the world - not Putin.

Please respond with restraint. I have nothing against homosexuals (as I have nothing against law abiding immigrants) and don't wish to hurt feelings. However I loathe the Left which uses its favourite 'victim' groups to crush democracy.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Li'l bro took his family and mother in-law to Butlins and booked Premier Dining as a special treat.

Mother in-law looked worried,

"Wassamatter ?" asked Li'l bro,

"Do I need to buy a dress ? Will they do chips ?" she asked in all earnestness,

"What do you think we'll be eating ?  Swan ? Caviar ??? The only difference between Premier and Standard dining is that they give us plates." said Li'l bro sardonically.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A thing of beauty.

I just had to share it with you. I'm not even an electric player.