Monday, 24 November 2014

Peter HItchens hits the nail on the head again.

The Emily Thornberry issue is a ruse by the Conservative Government. I fell for it, as did everyone else.

The Ukip trouncing of the Tories is off the front pages and a Tory loss has been turned into a Labour crisis. How very Nu Labour - truly, Mr Cameron is the slippery heir to Blair that he said he would be (about the only promise he's honoured.)

With one bound he was free !

More disturbing... MUCH more disturbing...

The removal of newspaper headlines from public view by Tescos and Waitrose at the behest of Left wing pressure groups, ostensibly in the interests of protecting children from obscenity.

What ?  The same Lefties who would have lambasted Mary Whitehouse as prudish ? Branded Bible Belt Americans as nutters ?  The same Lefties who want children educated in sex aged seven, the age of consent lowered and who want the liberalisation of cannabis ?

Are we seriously to believe they've gone all buttoned-up-the-neck Victorian over newspapers on us ? The modern equivalent of covering up table legs because they are overtly sexual ?


We were given a clue on BBC1 this week. A Left wing commenter stating "The reason for Ukip's success is the people are not getting their news from the BBC. Every other outlet is just so negative."

So here we are. Any news headlines which are not filtered through the BBC prism are to be censored from the public eye like toxic cigarettes. They don't want our thoughts polluted by Ukip-isms and without the Daily Mail or the Express telling us otherwise we'd all become the compliant devotees of the Left wing Utopia we live in.

Be in no doubt. This political rebellion has got them all worried and press censorship shouldn't be surprising in the least.

Where is all this leading ?  Razor wire and machine gun towers ?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Viral Video - Police Horse VS Motorcyclist

The policeman is a good friend of mine. Matt Holt. We worked together a lot and we still socialise. He probably forgot his ticket pad !

Friday, 21 November 2014

Emily Thornberry

She lives in a £3m house in Islington. Her whole class has contempt for ordinary English people.

All socialists should be taxed at 90% and their assets capped at £250k maximum.

Otherwise they should shut the fuck up.


Anyone seen the Barclay's life skills advert about presenting yourself for job interviews ?

"If you is an Em den you nid ta gi' sooom laaaf ski'ws"  lots of hand gestures. (Translation: If you are an 'erm' then you need to get some life skills.)

So speaking properly is now classed as a 'skill' ???

I don't recognise my own country sometimes.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Back on the Big Stuff

I'm back on the big stuff. Intercity training starts Monday. About a year to qualify.

Last night was my final night duty shed turn - I feel as though someone has taken my brain out, turned it around and put it back in again. Not that intercity driving is going to be easier - the shift pattern is a bugger but hopefully that will get better. And there is nothing worse than being stranded in the middle of nowhere on a packed train with a fault that you can't rectify whilst wondering whether or not you SHOULD have been able to rectify it. Short of running a red signal it is our worst nightmare.

In that situation one hopes and prays that the fitter turns up and calls it a total failure rather than finding an easy fix that has been missed such as a tripped MCB or a stuck button or something.

Of course I'm doing this on the trains I drive anyway - just out of the way and low profile most of the time.

Bernard Cribbins knows a thing or two about this:

Monday, 17 November 2014

PCSOs D'zeal and Fiasco

Anne Feast, 70, was questioned on her doorstep about the 'potentially offensive' object, which she explained was a toy she knitted

Two PCSOs knocked on this lady's door to ask about the gorilla toy hanging in her window. They told her that they'd received a complaint that it was racially offensive.

Inquiries revealed that there had, in fact, been no complaints and that the PCSOs had been acting on their own initiative by checking out if there had been any malicious intent behind the window display.

It turned out that there hadn't.

I tell you what does need checking out though. And that's if the PCSOs themselves are so racist that they could ever think that a knitted gorilla could be confused with a black person. What did they imagine the gnome was ?  A member of the KKK stringing him up ?

And why weren't the PCSOs as eager to protect the sensitivities of male, caucasian, bearded midgets ???

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Reverand Sally Hitchener

She says people come to her - from all religions, and none - because they don't care about issues such as "how cool you dress"

This is the same Reverand Sally Hitchener who used to dress like a madame from a fetish club (replete with dog collar) and whose television appearance probably helped swing the vote away from the ordination of female bishops a few years back. She had toned down her image a bit for this morning's BBC appearance.

She is now chaplain at Brunnel University.

Alas she got an easy ride from the presenters on one thing in particular. The need for mass immigration because our universities are an international success story - in the same way as there is huge international demand for our NHS,  no doubt. She was talking about students being allowed to come here to study and that the Government's attempts to clamp down on immigration were damaging.

As it happens bogus studentship is a back door route into Britain but this isn't my main point.

One idiot on John Redwood's site keeps referring to education (our kid's university places) as 'Britain's greatest export' In the same way that our houses are now regarded as an 'export' in London and that foreign 'investment' in our homes is a good thing. (Why the housing crisis then ?)

Way to go !  Sell off our own kid's education and their homes - and healthcare too. No wonder the country is in crisis on everything you care to mention.

I despair that my boys (despite top grades) probably won't be able to get into their local university, and yet whenever I go there I see that the place is full of people from other countries and that this strange policy is  being justified on prime time TV by a vicar- someone who's unelected and whose profession is to tell fairy tales (I'm an athiest)

A vicar gets their reward for such largesse (with other people's money) in heaven - so not exactly altruistic - what's in it for the rest of us ?

This policy costs British families many thousands in extra accommodation bills and costs students ever more in lost salaries because their degrees weren't from the best universities. We are being denied something that we have paid huge amounts of tax towards.

How are your ideas fair, Sally ? And what qualifies you prime time TV to air them ?

Want to know why the CofE is in decline and Ukip is on the rise ?

Look in the mirror that you seem to be so fond of.