Friday, 19 December 2014

Gillian Anderson - The Fall

Another overrated actor.

She's very annoying in the gloomy The Fall. Whispering ...and... speaking... slowly ... all... the...time. As though every utterance has to be laden with sultriness and portent.

Anyone speaking like this in the workplace (especially the plod) would be subject of ridicule and disrespect. A completely implausible character.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Boris asks ...

Boris Johnson asks of mass immigration "Would people care so much if the population boom were caused through white British people breeding ? Is it really about numbers and not race ?"

White people aren't breeding for very good economic reason. It is extremely expensive to live here. Migration is being subsidised so we are bound to get more of it than we are ordinary British people breeding.

The question is hypothetical but raises a question which isn't. WHY aren't our people breeding ?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Sydney Siege

Of course we're all shocked about the Sydney siege - of all places ! Sorry to hear of our Australian cousins going through this sort of trouble.

Hostage situations are always a very tricky problem for security forces. It brings to mind our own SAS extraction of hostages safely from a number of floors in the Iranian Embassy with multiple terrorists present and they did so with 100% success in terms of innocent lives saved (and terrorists neutralised.) They've done similar extractions with similar outcomes since. The embassy siege involved the extra complication of having to drop down the building by helicopter and enter through windows several stories up.

This is not to decry Australian police and special forces (who have their own SAS too.) It's that I wonder why Hollywood always depicts our SAS in such a terrible light bearing in mind their outstanding success record - I've yet to see an American film in which the British SAS doesn't come out badly.

When I was with the police on a siege training exercise the military were brought in very early and the police put on outer cordon duty. The SAS were the go-to guys for such situations and the targets knew they were Donald Ducked from thereon. Procedure may have changed since then. My firearms officer friend says that the armed response units are pretty reactive nowadays - trained in decisive Israeli anti suicide bomber techniques.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Republicans must be seething !


Just as the Republicans think they are on the march the Royal family produces the cutest and most photogenic kid that ever existed.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha !

Monday, 8 December 2014

Celebrity in the Jungle

I voted for Tinchy.

By all external measures I should hate the chap. He's black. He talks in - like - innit, guy fashion.

But I've never ever been against black people (despite being a Ukip voter) I've never been against our language being changed either.

Tinchy was the only one on I'm a Celebrity who didn't swear (even Michael Burke swore) and he was prudish about the smut that abounded in the camp. He was calm, unassuming, polite, stoical,  modest, funny, generous, hard working and considerate of all others and is everything that I should aspire to be but am too imperfect to match.  I'm sad he's gone and voted tactically (on the day I knew it would count) to keep him in.

The tricky one in the camp has been Melanie Sykes. What an eye opener.

Monday, 1 December 2014

An HST cab.

Dials left to right:

Main reservoir, main reservoir pipe, brake cylinder gauges, brake pipe gauge, speedo, traction motor ammeter.

Actually this is an old version of the cab - some of the buttons have been modified but the trains are essentially the same as they've always been.

The brakes are controlled by destroying air pressure in the system. The diesel engine drives a giant alternator which powers four electric traction motors on the bogeys. There is an engine either end of the train developing 4400 hp in total.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The most serious terrorist threat to Britain ever ?

Who are they kidding ?

Have they forgotten what the 1970s/80s IRA bombing campaign was like ?  When bombs were going off left, right and centre and people were being killed and maimed in their dozens ?

We're still a lot more likely to be killed in car accidents and through street assaults than by terrorism.